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By Barbara Elsborg

Anna is in the course of a multitude. She's being stalked via a manipulative man who is approximately to marry her sister and has every person confident Anna is jealous. Her success alterations while she meets tall, blond and lovely Jax. yet after a sizzling evening of intercourse, Anna discovers whatever that makes her imagine he is married.Jax is in the course of a hassle. he is torn among the guy he loves and a girl he is simply met. monitoring her down skill risking what he already has-but he desires them either. Jax is desirous to locate her, yet will she comprehend what he has to inform her? Will is in the course of heartache. He understands Jax loves him, although he is by no means stated it. He additionally is familiar with Jax has stumbled on a lady. Torn among being a great buddy and Jax's lover, Will's uncertain their courting will live on. the single technique to discover is to find Anna for Jax. but if Will unearths her, he discovers the explanation Jax has fallen so hard.One of the scrumptious heroes during this story-Jax-was initially brought in anything approximately Polly, notwithstanding this tale is an ideal stand-alone.

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Why would I mind? I don’t care if you get married next week. In fact, why don’t you get married next week,” Anna said and at once regretted it. Her father lowered his paper and gave her one of his looks. Gareth put his arm over Anna’s shoulder and she froze. “You’re being so good about this,” he whispered. Anna wanted to kick him. ” Beth looked down. Kicking her sister wasn’t enough. Anna wanted to kill her. Painfully. She and Beth had a longstanding agreement that they wouldn’t ask this of each other.

Pinning Jax’s hands either side of his head, Will continued to drive into him, a frantic rhythm that Jax matched with his own hips as he humped the bed. Jax was so close and then Will changed the angle of entry, his dick touched that walnut-sized gland, and Jax was more than close. His balls exploded as air rushed from his lungs. Jet after jet of semen pumped from his cock until he was lying in a puddle of wet warmth. Why did the rush have to be so fleeting? Jax wanted it to last longer, wanted to memorize each pleasurable spurt of release.

She had a stunning body, a piece of warm, black marble. Sex with her was like scratching an itch. Great at the time but he didn’t need to do it again. She was too clingy, too needy, and the moment he’d come, she was pestering him about when he’d see her again, where they’d go, what they’d do. There was nothing more guaranteed to put Jax off. Sandy was a secretary where he worked. She’d flirted with him for months and in a moment of weakness, Jax had given way. She offered, he accepted but he wished she hadn’t.

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