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By William Lesser

Following the united states Patent Office's statement in 1987 that it considers animals "to be patentable subject material in the scope" of patent legislation, there was huge around the world debate in this topic. This paintings includes the lawsuits of the Animal Patents Symposium held at Cornell collage, united states, on December 5-6, 1988, geared up by way of the editor of this paintings.

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475 et seq. - - (1987b) 1st der Ausschluss von Tierziichtungen und Tierbehandlungsverfahren vom Patentschutz gerechtfertigt? : 344-7. 29 Prospects for International Cooperation R. Stephen Crespi INTRODUCTION At present, any assessment of the prospects of international cooperation towards the establishment of a legal system of protection for novel animal breeds is bound to be speculative and exploratory. In most countries outside the USA, the preparatory debate on this subject has not yet been launched in an open and public manner.

New York: Stockton Press. Board on Agriculture, National Research Council (1984) Genetic Engineering of The exclusion of animal varieties and essentially biological processes for the production of animals as introduced in national laws of European countries does not directly result from any international treaty. 15 27 Legal Issues Plants-Agricultural Research Opportunities and Policy Concerns. Washington, DC. Brem, G. (1988a) Aspects of the Application of Gene Transfer as a Breeding Technique for Farm Animals.

1982) Agricultural Research Policy. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Savignon, F. : 83 et seq. Straus, J. (1984) Patent Protection for New Varieties of Plants Produced by Genetic 28 Development and Status of European Law Engineering: Should "Double Protection" Be Prohibited? Int. Rev. Ind. Property Copyright Law, 15: 426 et seq. - - (1985) Industrial Property Protection of Biotechnological Inventions, Analysis of Certain Basic Issues. Geneva: World Intellectual Property Organization, BIG 281 (July).

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