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In order to figure out even if individuals in a dialogue are in genuine dis/agreement, one needs to evaluate their propositions. comparability presupposes yardsticks in universal. Analysis of Dis/agreement thematises such yardsticks, in that it demonstrates the lifestyles, content material and authentic value of a comparatively well-delimited set of proposition varieties and proposition styles, with their accompanying tenability standards and motivating pursuits. The publication is a piece within the box of legal theory by means of advantage of its demonstrating how attorneys' strength of judgement is constituted in and during those yardsticks. The publication is interdisciplinary through advantage of its demonstrating how an identical yardsticks come into play extra usually in argumentation formulated in daily language, i.e. independently of legislations. And the ebook is a piece within the box of philosophy through advantage of its demonstrating the lifestyles and real value of language and argumentation activities with a undeniable independence relating to the extent of arguable basic philosophical positions.

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On the functions of definitions, see section 3 below. 4 Compare Searle, Speech Acts, pp. 19-21; MacCormick/Weinberger, An Institutional Theory of Law, p. 115. e. propositions that are true or untrue by definition. - In the case of analytically unltrue propositions one thus needs only the proposition formulation itself plus definitions of the words and expressions of which the formulation consists, to decide the truth value of the proposition. 5 Examples of proposition formulations expressing an analytically true proposition are: "This circle is round" and "A cup is white or a cup is not white".

The concept of 'law' covers ... ", "Kant's concept of 'law' covers ... ") or in word terminology2 ("the word "law" is used of ... ", "Kant used the word "Recht" of ... "). - My including "concepts" as an alternative to "the meanings of linguistic entities" in my definition is to signal that the work's definition concept covers both definitions formulated in concept terminology and definitions formulated in word terminology. I By "concept terminology" I mean words like "concept", "conception", "notion", "idea" and their derivatives (or their equivalents in other languages).

The definition's thematising of meaning can consist in a constitution of language usage (normative definition). g. "the verb "to draw" I shall also use of production of figures via a computer"). g. "the verb "to draw" is used of written production of other figures than letters of the alphabet"). 1 below). (b) Characterisations can also be about the meanings of linguistic entities (about concepts). It is true that characterisations cannot be about what linguistic entities' meanings (concepts) are or should or shall (or other types of modality) be; in that case the propositions are definitions.

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