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This hugely profitable textual content has lengthy been thought of a regular creation to the sensible research of English sentence constitution. As in prior versions, key thoughts resembling constituency, classification and serve as are rigorously defined as they're introduced.

content material: creation 1. Sentence constitution: elements 2. Sentence constitution: services three. Sentence constitution: different types four. the fundamental Verb word five. Adverbials and different concerns 6. extra on verbs: auxiliary VPs7. The constitution of Noun words eight. Sentences inside of Sentences nine. Wh-clauses 10. Non-finite clauses eleven. Languages, sentences and grammars additional ReadingIndex
summary: This hugely winning textual content has lengthy been thought of a typical creation to the sensible research of English sentence constitution. As in prior variants, key innovations corresponding to constituency, class and serve as are rigorously defined as they're brought

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Modifiers are optional (omissible). Some modifiers precede and some follow the heads they modify. Head~Complement. A two-way dependency. Complements are obligatory, needed to complete the meaning of the phrase. The head generally precedes its complement. Heads. The head is the obligatory centre of its phrase. Every phrase has a head and no more than one head. The category of the head determines the category of the phrase. Exercises 1. Identify the subjects and predicates of the following sentences.

B) Her memory for names was a constant source of amazement to him. (c) There are too many uninvited guests here. (d) Only six of the domino-toppling contestants came properly equipped. (e) It was Lydia who finally trapped the pig. (f) The fact that you received no birthday greetings from Mars doesn’t mean it is uninhabited. (g) That evening, Laura learned the Health and Safety Regulations by heart. 2. Identify the category of the following phrases (as Noun Phrase, Verb Phrase, or ‘other’). 95 (b) were being given away (c) too far to drive in a day (d) obsolescent washing machines (e) ten long holidays at the Hotel Mortification (f) which I had bought only the day before (g) have made me realise that ‘cheap’ does indeed mean ‘nasty’.

1) B and C. (2) D and E. (3) F, g, and h. qxd 5/19/10 10:04 Page 21 EXERCISES 3. (a) (b) 4. (a) Yes. , to which visiting his great aunt is a possible answer. ) (b) Yes. (cf. she simply gazed at it. What did she gaze at? ) (c) No. In (b) above, the sequence the + bollard was shown to be part of the phrase the bollard she had just demolished; it cannot then form a constituent with from. (See the discussion of beside a stream that had dried up [33] in the chapter, pp. ) (d) Yes. It could be replaced by there or somewhere.

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