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By Michael Moorcock

The universe is loss of life; on the finish of Time the final remnants of Humanity reside amoral lives of decadence, regularly looking new diversions and sensations. So whilst Mrs Amelia Underwood is mysteriously transported to the top of Time Jharek Carnelian comes to a decision to fall in love together with her, but if Amelia returns to her personal interval of heritage, Jherek follows her and unearths himself plunged into the unusual global of Victorian London.

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And to think I knew ya when…” While we worked together on the remaining machines, Mr. Maxwell entered absorbed in reading something from a tablet. He didn’t acknowledge our presence. I could feel Pip holding his breath while the first mate poured and then sipped. He kept right on moving back out of the mess, never looking up from his reading. Pip and I exchanged glances and I’m sure he was wondering the same thing…did he even notice? My unasked question was answered when I heard his voice from the passage.

That was apparently a good thing. The stranger smiled and I found myself smiling back. He straightened up and shouldered his duffel. I gave him a kind of salute and headed out the “Crew Only” doors to find the shuttle. The hallway beyond the doors led to a security checkpoint and an entry tube. Mom and I had taken trips up to the orbital before. It was a popular tourist destination for residents as it was technically Confederation space and not owned by NerisCo. The exotic shops and restaurants provided variety from the largely homogeneous life on a company planet.

I was supposed to start at the university next month. My mom is—was—a professor there, but she died in a flitter crash. ” O’Rourke stared for a moment but then something changed in her expression. “Good story. ” I pulled out my identification and slotted it into her reader. My particulars popped up on the display. O’Rourke examined it, scrolling and tsk’ing as she scrolled. She’d only checked through date of birth, and education level, before starting to shake her head. ” Her voice was not unkind but she also didn’t look at me.

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