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It is a single-volume resource of trustworthy info on crucial replacement religions, masking for every such necessities as historical past, theology, influence at the tradition, and present prestige. The chapters of the ebook have been written by way of specialists who learn the hobbies they've got written approximately.

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The proponents typically appeal to shared beliefs and images, especially biblical ones, which carry substantial rhetorical weight for adherents in both camps. The envisioned audience for such persuasion is not the ignorant masses which elegant rhetoric can easily sway, but people of common sense. Montaigne advises against such "evidential" arguments because the audience might well be able to "see through" their ideological dissymmetry and find their faith shaken when events conspire against their party.

The second factor is the connection of Pascal's well-known final remedy of "masses and holy water" to the Wager. If one sees the Wager argument as ending with the big bet, then this point seems unimportant. And if it is important, Pascal's advocacy of this specific remedy may, in the context of religious animosity, simply beg the practical question by presuming an answer to what is really at issue. Why this practice in this religious tradition rather than some other? Huguenots and Catholics have been killing each other, in part to establish whether even an attenuated form of religious tolerance is to be permitted in France or in specific departments.

Clebsch illustrates the practical problems a person might face in that era: Imagine yourself a law-abiding Londoner born in 1615 and destined to live seventy-five years. You are baptized an Anglican and raised to tolerate mild Puritans in your church. As a teenager you turn very high-church, and when you are married you are ready to force Anglo-Catholicism on the unwilling Scots. You raise your young children Presbyterians, but as they grow up you turn Congregationalist. In middle age you revert to moderate Anglicanism, then ripen into a crypto-Roman Catholic like your king.

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