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By V I Lakomskii

Within the monograph, the writer summarises the consequences acquired in learn and investigations of the gas-liquid steel approach at temperatures standard of electrical arc welding and electrometallurgy techniques. designated consciousness is given to the issues of sorption of diatomic homonuclear gases, specifically nitrogen from electrical arc plasma, by means of steel melts. it really is proven that once the steel absorbs the fuel from plasma the approach doesn't achieve the thermodynamic equilibrium country. Investigations have been conducted into approaches happening within the gas-plasma layer bordering with the steel. those tactics ascertain the gasoline content material of liquid metal.

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The temperature dependences of the chemical potentials of a diatomic gas in two phases for an exoergic gas-metal system are illustrated here. e. the intersection of the curves and mg, will correspond to the equilibrium state. When in-creasing the temperature from T1 to T2 and the gas pressure being unchanged, the inequality appears and the gas begins to evolute out of solution. It will continue until the system comes to the equilibrium under the new conditions (point b) where . Therewith, it goes without saying that the gas concentration in the solution will decrease.

The chemical potential of the gas dissolved in liquid metal is given in a general view by the equation where depends on temperature, characteristics of gas and metal solvent [78] and does not depend on the gas concentration in metal. In the case of dilute solutions ag = Ng and then The standard state of the gas in solution is chosen, generally speaking, * Gas concentration in metal, because of its smallness especially in the case of hydrogen. 1 MPa, 1 atm, T = 0°C. Page 4 arbitrarily. Sometimes, a pure substance or infinitely dilute solution is taken as being in the standard state.

In this case, the gas concentration practically remains constant and changing properties of the gas will be represented by the respective partial molar value of the dissolved gas. Graphic methods 55 are practised on a large scale among experimental techniques to define partial molar values. It is interesting to note that the partial molar heat capacity and partial molar volume of the substance dissolved may be negative ones. The latter can be observed in the solutions of polar substances. Partial molar values any of element in the case of a monocomponent phase are identical with usual molar ones.

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