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In the prior decade, class thought has widened its scope and now inter­ acts with many components of arithmetic. This publication develops a number of the interactions among common algebra and type thought in addition to the various ensuing purposes. we commence with an exposition of equationally defineable periods from the viewpoint of "algebraic theories," yet with no using type idea. This serves to encourage the final remedy of algebraic theories in a class, that's the important situation of the publication. (No class concept is presumed; fairly, an self reliant remedy is supplied by means of the second one chap­ ter.) purposes abound during the textual content and routines and within the ultimate bankruptcy within which we pursue difficulties originating in topological dynamics and in automata conception. This booklet is a typical outgrowth of the tips of a small staff of mathe­ maticians, a lot of whom have been in place of dwelling on the Forschungsinstitut für Mathematik of the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zürich, Switzerland through the educational 12 months 1966-67. It was once during this stimulating surroundings that the writer wrote his doctoral dissertation. The "Zürich School," then, used to be Michael Barr, Jon Beck, John grey, invoice Lawvere, Fred Linton, and Myles Tierney (who have been there) and (at least) Harry Appelgate, Sammy Eilenberg, John Isbell, and Saunders Mac Lane (whose non secular presence was once tangible.) i'm thankful to the nationwide technological know-how origin who supplied help, lower than promises GJ 35759 and OCR 72-03733 A01, whereas I wrote this book.

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We have already remarked that (AT, AJl) is aT-algebra. 15). 10). 13 is a T-homomorphism. 9). 16 gets used. ~. gT = fT. r is now clear from the diagram AT fT ~ ATT----~~----~ A T --------------~) X g The proof is complete. 10: if (X,~) is aT-algebra then ~ = (id x )#. If the reader has been keeping score, she will have noticed that the axiom "(idA)T = id AT" is the only axiom about 4. The Algebras of a Theory 37 T = (T, 1], p) that has not been interpreted. As it turns out, this axiom is crucial in proving that ffT determines T (cf.

14). 25 Theorem. Let T be a finitary algebraie theory in Set. 15). Proof. 18. The first coordinates ass ure that (Qn:n = 0,1, ... 4; for convenience we will drop the "n" from the notation, how) XT for each set X by ever. Fix W E Qn- Define a map X6J:X n «XI> ... , x n), X6J) = rT:VnT I XT) where r:Vn -----+X is defined by vir = Xi. o------~) YT Yw 43 4. f)T = rTfT. ~. ---~) X f fT e Y"-------,:---~) YT-------~) Y6J Y that aT -homomorphism is an Q-homomorphism. " In particular, consideration of f = idx and the fact that T is a functor allows us to see that if ~ i= ~' then 6 i= 6'.

11 provided us with a unique derivation tree for each formula, there is more than one way in which one could choose to assemble the tree from its pieces. The associative law of clone composition may be regarded as the statement that different assembling procedures build the same tree. 15 where the formula eie + dz + idz + i + + in DQ was broken up in two different ways: 0 0 0 (e)ie + (dz + idz+ i+ ) + (e)ie +(dz+ i)(dz+ i)+ + It is not necessary to introduce parentheses as formal symbols to make these distinctions.

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