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The current booklet relies at the lecture given by means of the writer to senior students in Moscow at the twentieth of April of 1966. the excellence among the fabric of the lecture and that of the booklet is that the latter comprises workouts on the finish of every part (the such a lot tricky difficulties within the workouts are marked by means of an asterisk).

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4: W e can a s s u m e DP(Fto) ~ DP(~) and Qt6Lq(Ft~) > O. nf{SIPt-ulPFtd~ ii) SuQtFtd~ iii) IPt Ip = PtQ t = to p r o v e that - = Dp(o) - that F~I. 4 we o b t a i n then I~Ft~F and h e n c e functions Pt6LP(Fto) with i) Let us d e f i n e < : u6A} = O, I = ~(u) (DP(Ft~)) p Vu6A, IQt lq =: F t w i t h F t F t o 6 M ( ~ ) . the f u n c t i o n @:e(t) = - l o g DP(Ft~) for O~t~1. O u r a i m is 39 (*) der sup 8 (t) ~ -f (log F) FtFtdo VO~t~1. 2 furnishes a point O~T~I such that m := FTFTo 6 M(~) fulfills the assertion.

3 for t=O to y i e l d IIf~<1 and c o m b i n e the e l e m e n t a r y ll the a s s e r t i o n . a-b! 2 It f o l l o w s V a,b6~ with lal~1 . that 4 If(u)-f(v) I 4+ If(u)-f(v)l 2 < So(U'V) and h e n c e the a s s e r t i o n . a := f(v) and d e f i n e even for all f6A w i t h To p r o v e ~ let f6A w i t h tlflI 21b 1 = so t h a t £ A satisfies h(u) lh(u)-h(v) I ~ G(u,v). 8 R E T U R N c C(DUS) f~flS. i) So(U,Z) easiest then the functions functions F := Re and for z6S.

Ii) I Ira(l) I 1=1 21 l+tlm(1)ll L e t T = {m(1) : i = 1 , 2 , . . } 6 POS(X,~) 0` << m for s o m e m6K. 0`,6 ~ O. N o w ~ i). c K be a Decompose Since 6 is s i n g u l a r 0 < 6 < % it f o l l o w s that into e = 6 is s i n g u l a r to e a c h m(1) ii). to m it f o l l o w s and hence 6 = O. T h e r e f o r e after o,+8 singular that to ~. ). For exist m6K} the m6K rest such of t h e p r o o f w e ~ IIell a n d t a k e m ( 1 ) 6 K m£K with m(1)<

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