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Even when they are technically brilliant and imaginative, scientifically based solutions often fail to gain the support of communities, governments and powerful organizational and institutional interests. Gaining such support by democratic means often seems all but impossible; yet, except under the most draconian and dystopian scenarios, democratically arrived at solutions may be the necessary condition for success. Dissension in these matters is common, not only among policy-makers, scholars and lay publics, but among scientists, as well.

After about six more years in wet storage, the spent fuel is reprocessed to recover the plutonium and enriched uranium with remaining fuel potential (producing mixed oxide or MOX fuel, used by 20 EdF reactors). The high-level and long-lived radioactive residues from this process are vitrified. 5 per cent of the radioactivity resulting from all industrial, defence and medical waste sources throughout France, while representing less than 10 per cent of total annual volume (DGEMP, 2003). The long-term management of high-level and long-lived nuclear waste is framed by France’s law 91-1381 of 30 December 1991.

16 Cultures, and the most fundamental and important values that they embody, Rappaport noted, tend to be ‘low in specificity’ and difficult if not impossible to evaluate quantitatively – such as in monetary terms. Given the high stakes such fundamental values hold, the most common vulnerability-reducing strategy – ‘mitigation’ – is, therefore, unlikely to be acceptable. A second vulnerability-reducing strategy – ‘spreading vulnerability over a series of trustees’ (Heimer, 2001, p57) or over a collection of the insured, as is done with insurance policies – is also problematic.

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