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By Max Allan Collins

Secrets and techniques and betrayals, because the saga of darkish Angel continues!In a chaotic international the place the traces among solid and evil usually blur, and violent anarchy and brutal repression develop into average, secrets and techniques might be lethal. So while Max discovers a shattering fact that Logan has stored hid from her for years, the betrayal threatens the very essence in their trust.Yet while Logan is abducted, all questions of fact and loyalty are forged apart. Max’s seek will lead her to a well-recognized, menacing enemy—and again into the shadow of the Snake Cult, which waits for her with chilling anticipation.But the quest also will lead her into totally unforeseen territory. Locked within the struggle of her lifestyles, Max will find a captive of the cult who gives you her with the only factor that has haunted her ever because she escaped from Manticore. . . .

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You know," Original Cindy said with a smirk, digging a hole in one cheek, "I think I liked him better when he was a whole bastard. This halfa bastard, halfa nice guy shit... " That made Max smile .. ... but only for a moment. "Cindy, some things in a ... relationship, you can't undo them. Some things just... " "Worse. " "Excuse me? Is this Max who used to steal shit from people and peddle the goods to a fence? You remember her, right? " "Cindy, he lied to me. " "The man did not lie. He just...

In a certain number of cases like this, the kidnappers just ice the victim right outta the chutes. " "If he's dead, what can I do about it? " Alec nodded, smirked humorlessly. "I thought you were just holdin' it in... Anyway, I kinda got a hunch what you'll do about it, if he is dead. " And he gave her that cocky grin. Max smiled a little and nodded. Probably were quite a few females who wanted to jump those bones, at that... And the deadly government-trained killing machine, the female X5 who knew a thousand ways to destroy her enemies, sprang into action—heading to Logan's computers, to do research.

Mole frowned. " "Don't know yet," Max said, still groggy. " Max looked up at him. "Leave it to me," he said. Any idea was better than what she had—nothing— but the typical smugness in Alec's tone made Max think "leaving it to him" wasn't a wise strategy. During the siege, trying to help, Alec and Joshua had nearly gotten themselves killed, been captured by Ames White, and almost single handedly destroyed any opportunity the transgenics had for a negotiated peace with the ordinaries. That was the most recent example of "leaving it to Alec" ...

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