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By Garth Nix

The dream global Aenir isn't really a secure place.  One unsuitable step can result in hazard, entrapment...or death.  Tal and Milla needs to struggle their method via this moving landscape.  they're trying to find the Codex, a mystical item that may come to a decision the destiny in their worlds.  Many creatures stand of their way--from the cloud-flesh hurricane Shepherds to a swarm of venomous Waspwyrms to a frightening determine named Hazror.  Tal and Milla can't go away Aenir with no the Codex.  yet discovering it could possibly endanger them greater than they have ever dreamed...

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A wall of light blocked the steps to the surface, drowned in sand. Tal had already thought of how to deal with that. He would make a Hand of Light and use it to carry himself up to the surface. There was only one slight flaw in this plan. Tal had only ever seen a Hand of Light made once, by three Guards who were all much more experienced light mages than he was. But he had found that making the Stairway of Light in the Pit had opened up his mind to all sorts of Light Magic that he couldn't previously do or hadn't ever known about.

Milla got the first one with a flung stone and then quickly stabbed the other two. But there were even more behind them, all running in a single, straight line straight toward her. "Flocks," continued Odris. "They should ignore you if you get out of the way. There's something else about them, too, but I can't remember…" Milla kicked the dead birds aside and got out of the way. She stood watching in disbelief for a long time after that, as a seemingly inexhaustible line of stupid bright blue birds ran past.

At least that's what she thought she did. But somehow she ended up back inside the lower room, looking out. Puzzled, she stepped forward again. For an instant she was in the doorway, with her foot about to land on the bare earth outside. Then it came down on a wooden floor. She had stepped through the door, but it didn't lead outside. It took her back inside. There was some magic at work. Dire magic, Milla thought. Worse than anything she'd expected. Now she was sure it was a trap. CHAPTER SIXTEEN Tal heard the slither of the sand pouring back behind him, but he didn't look around.

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