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By Steve Shreve

As Benny is going on 5 adventures that take him from the woods in the back of his residence to the pyramids of Egypt, he comes head to head with a bunch of undesirable guys--pirates, a mummy, or even his personal Booger-Man! And what approximately all these monkeys? sign up for Benny on those wild adventures as he confronts all issues hilarious and ugly. Black-and-white artwork on each unfold of the ebook will attract reluctant readers in addition to enthusiasts of comics, picture novels, and illustrated novels.

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Oh,” said Benny. ” 45 Suddenly, the door at the top of the stairs closed with a great CRASH! “Oh, bother,” said Uncle Howard. ” said Benny. “Nonsense,” said Uncle Howard. “There’s no such thing as a—” Uncle Howard was cut off by a scraping sound behind them. Together, they slooowly turned around. ” exclaimed Uncle Howard. ” 47 King Butt staggered forward. ” Uncle Howard cried. Benny ran, but with the exit sealed, there was no hope of escape. 48 If I can’t get out, Benny thought, I’ll have to stop that mummy.

He swung the light around the basement room until it settled on a sarcophagus in the corner. Uncle Howard lifted the heavy lid and moved it to the side. “Eureka! We have discovered the longlost tomb of King Butthankhamen,” Uncle Howard announced. ” “He looks like a King Butt,” Benny agreed. ” “I say! It looks like some sort of note,” said Uncle Howard. 43 Uncle Howard unpinned the note and explained that is was written in ancient hieroglyphics. He began to decipher the message. ” he read. “Whoever disturbs this tomb will invoke the wrath of King Butthankhamen and be cursed to—” Uncle Howard stopped.

Wow,” said Benny. ” “He is four thousand years old, you know,” replied Uncle Howard. “But . . ” asked Benny. Uncle Howard looked around. “Quick— into this little room,” he ordered. They went into a room off the corridor and quietly pulled the door closed behind them. 53 54 “It sure is dark in here,” Benny observed. Uncle Howard lit a match. ” Benny looked around. ” he shouted. ” They started back toward the door, but it was too late­—they heard a noise outside. ” asked Benny. ” “Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about him,” said Uncle Howard.

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