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Schneller2. (1) Auburn University, 179 Chemistry Building, Auburn University, Auburn, AL AL, (2) Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Auburn University Carbocyclic nucleoside analogs have been significant to antiviral agent design and biomedical investigations. Out of this, 5'-nororaristeromycin (1) arose and has shown antiviral activity based on inhibition of S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase. Carbocyclic nucleoside derivatives possessing a fluoride substitutent on the cyclopentane ring have also displayed antiviral potential.

Because of its potential relevance to syn-anti cyclopentyl side chain orientation in 1, the 3-methyl derivative (2) was sought. The successful preparation to 2, which will be reported, allows for the introduction of a variety of C-3 alkyl groups. Also to be presented will be the antiviral properties of 2. This research was supported by funds from DHHS (AI 56540). MEDI 83 Benzofuran inhibitors of hepatitis-C RNA polymerase: Synthesis of lead molecules including clinical candidate HCV-796 Ashis K.

Edu In our ongoing search for new antiviral agents, we sought compounds that combined the carbocyclic nucleoside and C-nucleoside frameworks. [1,2] a versatile synthetic route to carbaformycin, carbaneplanicin and their 3-deaza analogs has been developed. This route, which is applicable to other hybrid nucleosides of the carbocyclic C-nucleoside category, will be reported along with the antiviral data for the target compounds. This research was supported by funds from the Department of Health and Human Services (AI 56540).

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