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The booklet includes over 1100 phrases and is meant to be a brief reference consultant for the reader of The Hobbit & The Lord of the jewelry, the place previous, unusual and archaic phrases will be quick appeared up and their that means made transparent. Draught for instance happens 35 instances within the textual content with at the least five various meanings. It potential present of air in a single sentence, consuming, or a drink or potion in one other, one that is drafted into carrier in one other, to attract or to drag in one other and at last the intensity a vessel sinks within the water. One must recognize the entire meanings so that it will absolutely comprehend the textual content. The phrases within the first element of every one publication are prepared so as of visual appeal within the books. within the final part, the phrases are prepared alphabetically for ease of discovering a selected notice with out regard to the place it's used. additionally integrated is the sentence the place the note is used to supply the reader with the contextual surroundings of the observe within the sentence it truly is utilized in as an relief to appreciate the which means.

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Besieged 278 To lay siege to; beset with or as with a siege; assail persistently. "I declare the Mountain besieged. a glimpse of endless unmarked days without light or hope of betterment, hard stone, cold fish, sneaking and whispering. bewildered 18 To confuse completely as to direction or course; render utterly confused in mind, perplex completely; daze. Bilbo rushed along the passage, very angry, and altogether bewildered and bewuthered-this was the most awkward Wednesday…. bewuthered 18 From whither.

The definitions are written in American English while the text is British English. In a few circumstances where the Oxford English Dictionary was used for reference, the definition may be written in British English. Abbreviations Used Esp. - Especially Etc. - Et cetera Fig. - Figurative Orig: - Originally Specif. – Specifically Preterit: Bygone; past; expressing past time; esp. denoting past action or state simply, without the implication as to continuance; the verb form in this tense. Book & Page Numbers The Hobbit.

Page numbers refer to the page a word is first used, not the page where the sentence starts. For example, a sentence can start on a particular page, but the word listed is actually found on the following page. If a definition contains other unusual words, the definition for that word is also given in the same text in parenthesis. The meanings of common words used in a context easily understandable to today’s reader are not defined. The first unusual, old, or archaic meaning is defined. For example, when mere is used as meaning a small lake or pond, it is defined.

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