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Because the creation of the pc, terminology administration could be conducted via nearly someone who has learnt to take advantage of a working laptop or computer. Terminology administration has proved to be an effective software in overseas communications in undefined, schooling and foreign companies. software program programs are on hand and foreign organisations frequently have their very own terminology database. Following those advancements, translators and terminologists are faced with a specialized type of details administration regarding compilation and standardisation of vocabulary, garage, retrieval and updating.A useful direction in Terminology Processing presents the foremost to tools of terminology administration for the English language, for basic and particular reasons. This special path has been built at the foundation of years of training event and study on the collage of Manchester Institute of technology and expertise (UMIST, united kingdom) and is especially appropriate for translation classes, freelance translators, technical writers, in addition to for non-linguists who're faced with terminology processing as a part of their occupation.

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Inasmuch as the terms of a particular subject field represent the currently accepted knowledge structure of that field, we can define a concept of a par­ ticular subject by delimiting its position with respect to all the other concepts in the field of knowledge to which it belongs known at that time. The difference between general language definition by synonyms and spe­ cial language definitions can be represented diagrammatically as follows. A word can be defined by its synonyms or by words with various overlapping meanings so that a word may be adequately defined by the sum of the common features among all the synonyms listed.

According to common properties, as in 'quadrupeds = animals having four legs'; quadrupeds can be divided by the distinctive feature of 'being tamed for human use' into domestic and wild animals. g. tables, chairs, cupboards etc. are grouped together as 'furniture' but differentiated into 'household furniture', 'office furniture' etc. g. g. class concepts : property concepts: relation concepts : function concepts : fastener, container, vehicle strength, albino, visual sister, more, parallel operate-operation, rub, friction Because of the strong interdependence between language and concept forma­ tion it is usual to associate word classes with concept classes and speak of nounconcepts, adjectival concepts and verb-concepts.

30 A Practical Course in Terminology The following relationships are frequently used in terminology: Generic relationship. The generic relationship establishes a hierarchical order; it identifies concepts as belonging to the same category in which there is a broader (generic) concept which is said to be superordinate to the narrower (specific), subordinated concept or concepts. g. biology and geology. The generic relationship can be expressed by the formulas: or or or X is a type of A. X, Y and Z are types of A.

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