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There are in this analysis seven short and seven long vowels. The choice of the feature length (instead of stress) for vowels is the major motivation for developing this dissertation. , and in section 4 of this chapter. As for consonants and liquids length will be assigned by general rule. (ix) VOICE (voi). Voiced sounds are accompanied by periodic vibration of the vocal cords. With voiceless sounds such vibration does not occur. The distinctive feature voice is marked only for consonants. , vowels and liquids do not use voice distinctively.

It subdivides them into the subsets vowels and liquids, the former negatively and the latter positively specified with respect to the feature in question. This subdivision isolates the liquids. This is linguistically relevant when we consider distributional combinations in the redundancy rules and phonological processes which apply to liquids only. Thus we can refer to liquids, until further notice, by indicating the subset [+vocalic, +consonantal]. Similarly the configuration [+vocalic, —consonantal] identifies vowels.

PHONOLOGICAL REDUNDANCY We face the problem of reducing to a minimum the amount of phonological information to be given in the lexicon. This is consistent with condition (1) (v) adopted in section 1. In phonology the task of minimizing redundancy is carried out by the Morpheme Structure (MS) rules for the most part, and by the Phonological rules to a minor degree. The Morpheme Structure rules are simple processes which specify phonological features in a general manner. They do not delete, permute or transform.

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