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By David Bishop

Marienburg is the best port of the previous global, a melting pot of alternative cultures and races. while he's made a captain of the watch, ex Imperial military officer Kurt Schnell quickly unearths his advertising is a poison chalice. His watch station is within the worst a part of city, his males are scum, unfamiliar beings prowl the streets at evening - what extra may be able to get it wrong?

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In all his time with the Black Caps, only one man had ever managed to frighten Faulheit into an honest day’s work. When that man appeared on Three Penny Bridge with the new captain, the pair of them acting like old friends, Faulheit felt his heart sinking lower than any catacomb in the city. ” he hissed, panic spreading across his ugly features. “Not him! ” Raufbold was preening nearby, but still noticed the consternation. ” “It’s Sergeant Woxholt,” Faulheit replied. ” The colour drained from the cocksure face of Raufbold.

Kurt glanced round and was surprised to find the interior little different from any other taproom in Marienburg. The ceiling was low, the wooden floorboards were covered in spilled ale and sawdust, and a low fug of smoke choked the air. 39 A surly cluster of sour-faced miscreants gathered at tables, while a serving wench glared at Kurt from the bar, her clubbed hands wiping a pewter tankard with a grimy cloth. What little light there was came from a fireplace at the far end of the taproom, illuminating the few wooden doors that led into other parts of the building.

The elf was blanched white, his face a mask of pain and torment. The throat was a mess of rips and shreds, while the abdomen had suffered even more damage. The hands were just as brutalised, skin hanging from bleak, white 37 bones. Curiously, one finger pointed up towards the sky — or perhaps towards the two buildings that overlooked the corpse. “This body wasn’t so much dumped here as carefully posed. Notice how one foot extends downwards, towards the water’s edge? That would have muddied the jurisdictional issues, depending upon when the corpse was found.

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