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By Philip K. Dick

A sci-fi homicide secret set on a mysterious planet, with a twist finishing that leaves the reader thinking about simply what they've been witnessing the total time. Delmak-O is a deadly planet. notwithstanding there are just fourteen electorate, nobody can belief an individual else and demise can strike at any second. The planet is monstrous and principally unexplored, populated normally via gelatinous cube-shaped beings that supply cryptic suggestion within the kind of anagrams. Deities could be spoken to at once through a sequence of prayer amplifiers and transmitters, yet they might not be at liberty approximately it. And the mysterious development within the distance attracts all of the colonists to it, but if they get there each one sees a unique motto at the entrance. The secret of this constitution and the secrets and techniques contained inside of force this mind-bending novel.

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The combat car obediently settled on the edge of the stabilized area. The port itself had capacity for two ships at a time; the region it served did not. Though with the high cost of animal transport many manufactures could be star-hopped to Curwin's back country more cheaply than they could be carried from the planet's own more urbanized areas, the only available exchange was raw agricultural produce—again limited to the immediate locality by the archaic transport. Its fans purring below audibility, the armored vehicle rested on an empty area of no significance to the region—unless the central government should choose to land another regiment of mercenaries on it.

After the second injection sped into his system, the sergeant opened his eyes. Rob was already trying to straighten the entrapping tube. "Forget it," Worzer ordered weakly. "It's inside, too . . damn armor musta flexed. " He closed his eyes, opened them in time to see another head peak cautiously from the tunnel mouth. " he rasped, and faster than he spoke he triggered his powergun. Its motor whined spitefully though the burst went wide. The head disappeared. "I want you to run back to the gully," the sergeant said, resting his eyes again.

The rifleman raised his head just in time to meet the hose of fire that darted from the recruit's gun. The guerrilla's head exploded. His brains, flash-cooked by the first shot, changed instantly from a colloid to a blast of steam that scattered itself over a three-meter circle. The smoldering fragments of the rifle followed the torso as it slid downward. The combat car roared into the field of waist-high grain, ripping down twenty meters of woven fencing to make its passage. Rob, vaguely aware of other shots and cries forward, vomited onto the floor of the compartment.

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