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She replied. “I’ll just see if Agathe can get dinner on the table at seven. ” She smoothed her skirts and made her way toward the door Dubon had just entered. “André, tidy up your books, dear, and take them to your room. ” She glanced at Dubon as she passed him, and walked out. “You don’t need to tidy up on my account,” Dubon said, smiling at his son. André, however, was already bundling his books into his arms. He mumbled, “Doesn’t matter,” as he brushed by his father and was gone. Dubon was left standing by the door, staring at an empty room.

But in this long night, he found the tickling sensation on his right foot a small comfort. Here was an event to mark the undifferentiated time stretching to dawn; another creature would share his vigil. His captors had never given him a light, simply locking him in the tin shed at dusk and unlocking the door at dawn. On moonlit nights, he could just make out the shape of the small, bare room in the pale light seeping underneath the door. Other nights, he lay in darkness so complete he had to crawl across the dirt floor, feeling his way with his hands to find the bucket into which he relieved himself.

The law still keeping you happy? I keep meaning to come in about my will. Always putting it off. ” “Yes. Lots of them do. ” “And for my first son …” said Masson, adopting the cracked voice of the aged, “nothing. ” “Exactly. ” Masson worked for the Foreign Ministry. He and Dubon had been at school together, and Dubon had never abandoned the friendly habit of deferring to Masson’s intellectual achievements. Dubon had been the good-looking one, the leader of his gang, and had shown early promise with the girls at the nearby convent, while the gangly and bookish Masson had been viewed with some suspicion by his peers, both for his unfailingly high marks and for his ability to talk his way around the grown-ups.

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