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By Nicholas F. Schmidt, Ph.D.

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Within the moment 1/2 international conflict II the German military confronted numerically greater armoured forces at the jap and Western Fronts. to be able to counter this hazard, tank destroyer creation was once elevated. this sort of tank destroyers was once the Jagdpanzer 38 (t), or 'Hetzer', which proved to be a profitable layout with over 2,500 being produced within the 14 months earlier than the top of the warfare.

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All of them Love, one gigantic extension of their Creator, connected, conscious, moving, alive with energy and feeling, forever changing and becoming something new. And for those special creations yet to come, the ones who would be called souls, there would always be something for them to wonder about, contemplate and relate to. All That Is also knew that It too would become more love if this happened. There would be more love, more of Itself. And that was good. 29 But something was still missing in the plan.

That tiny atom vibrates back and forth about a million billion 32 times every second! Left undisturbed, its motion and existence would seem to go on forever without end. Where did it get this source of seemingly infinite energy? Even more incredible are recent discoveries that tiny electrons not only react to stimuli, but act as though they have intelligence and the ability to communicate with others of their own kind. Here's more. If a single electron is fired like a bullet at a barrier in which two slits have been cut, it can pass through both slits simultaneously!

Does this "point" sound familiar? The similarities between this centuries-old Tantric teaching and modern day creation theory are indeed striking. Other explanations regarding the expanding universe have come from "inspired" teachings and other mystical sources. All refer to the expansion as a part of the outbreath of God. They also say that it will be breathed in someday. Recent otherworldly information says we've just about reached that point, and it is to be a stupendous moment; a convergence of all cosmic cycles, big and small.

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