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By Carl Darling Buck

Originally released in 1949 and showing now for the 1st time in a paperbound version, Buck's Dictionary continues to be an imperative device for diachronic research of the Indo-European languages. prepared in accordance with the that means of phrases, the paintings comprises greater than 1,000 groupings of synonyms from the vital Indo-European languages. greenback first tabulates the phrases describing a specific suggestion after which discusses their etymological and semantic background, tracing adjustments in which means of the basis phrases in addition to offering instances indicating which of the older varieties were changed by way of expressions of colloquial or international origin.

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1762 4 January: Britain declares war on Spain. March–August: The British attack and capture Havana, Cuba. 1763 Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon begin surveying the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania that had been agreed on in 1732, completing the Mason-Dixon Line in four years. 10 February: By the Treaty of Paris ending the French and Indian War, France cedes Canada to Britain and Louisiana to Spain. Britain obtains Florida from Spain in return for Cuba. May: An Indian confederation under the Ottawa leader Pontiac begins all-out warfare against the British, destroying all forts in the west of the colonies except for Detroit, Niagara, and Pitt, which are besieged.

Indb 15 5/24/11 10:55 AM 16 • INTRODUCTION 14. Estimates vary. These are derived from Stella Sutherland, Population Distribution in Colonial America (New York: Columbia University Press, 1936), 38, 86, 167, 254. 15. cfm. 16. Albert H. , Benjamin Franklin, Works, vol. 4 (New York: Macmillan, 1906), 75, available online at Google Books. 17. Jack P. Greene, “The Seven Years’ War and the American Revolution: The Causal Connection Reconsidered,” Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 8 (1980): 85–105.

The war defeated the French, but not the Indians, as proven by the Creek War in the South and Pontiac’s War in the North that broke out in the early 1760s. The British looked forward with dismay to an unending series of costly Indian wars in which they would have to protect colonists only too willing to disrupt the peace to acquire land. British colonial policy in the 1760s thus attempted to provide solutions to problems raised during the French and Indian War. indb 13 5/24/11 10:55 AM 14 • INTRODUCTION forbidding settlement west of the Appalachians hoped to forestall the sort of conflict that had provoked the war in the first place.

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