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By K. Briggs

A vintage in folklore scholarship prepared in 2 elements. people Narratives comprises stories informed for edification or pride, yet no longer considered factually precise. folks Legends provides stories the tellers believed to be files of tangible occasions.

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Lund, 1911). THE CLOCK Once upon a time there were a man who promised some beautiful clock he had as a prize to whoever could mind his own business for a year. At the end of the time, a young man come to claim it, and he give such a proof that he had minded his business for a whole year. ” “That’s not your business,” say the other. ” Norton, Supplementary Collection, no. 41, p. 52. Folk-Lore, III, p. 559. Suffolk. TYPE 1416 (variant). 2 [Test of curiosity]. A variant of “A Daughter of Eve”, “The Mouse in the Jug”, which is among Vitry’s Exempla.

Well,” t’ farmer said, “it was this way. My wife was one o’ them contrairy soort. ’ “And she said: ‘Yes we will. ’ “And when she got hafe-way across, t’ brig ga’e way, an’ she went in. And me thinking she would be still contrairy, ah ran as ard as ah could up t’ beck. An’ she was that jolly contrairy she went t’udder way. And so when ah got er oot, she was deead. She’s been contrairy aw er life,” he said. Wilson, “Some Humorous English Folk Tales”, part I, Folk-Lore, XLIX (1938), pp. 183–4. Told by Mrs Joseph Haddow, who heard the story from a neighbouring farmer, who heard it from an old woman in Ambleside, Westmorland.

G. “Sair Hodden Doon” (Dean Ramsay’s Reminiscences). DAN GHOATE AND THE BULL Long years ago, before the days of Mr. Bruce, and the Public House Closing Act, in a large village in mid-Suffolk, dwelt a prosperous, and canny old farmer, whom I will christen Dan Ghoate, for the occasion, whose custom it was sometimes to sell a beast to the local butcher, to be killed and paid for according to the dead weight, after it had been dressed. On one occasion he so disposed of a fat bull to his butcher friend, and in due course went down to see the carcase weighed; to his surprise and vexation the weight was not nearly as much as he had expected, and he expressed himself plainly about it; the butcher, however, said there it was and he could see for himself there was no inside fat, and he would have to put up with it.

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