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Silence. Leaning closer, she read the cookie舗s wrapper: oracle-o cookie. Oracles told fortunes. It was a fortune cookie! A talking one, apparently. She got up to throw away her trash, unsure what to do with the cookie. Fortunes were always so silly, but she couldn舗t eat the cookie now that she knew it talked. 舠Well, so long,舡 she said uncertainly, leaving it on the table. On the way out of the lunchroom, a poster on the wall caught her eye. INVENTION FAIR INVENT SOMETHING THE GREEKS ADORE, AND YOU舗LL BE FAMOUS!

New students舑mortal and immortal舑come and go every semester at his whim. 舡 Special? She hoped she was, because it sounded like Zeus might decide to send her home if she didn舗t measure up, Athena realized with alarm. Imagine, her own father dismissing her from Mount Olympus Academy. That would be so embarrassing舑not to mention an awful letdown. Just then a herald appeared on a balcony at the end of the hall. 舡 he announced in a loud, important voice. He hit a lyrebell with a little hammer. Ping!

She didn舗t seem to notice when her dogs began gobbling the snacks. 舡 she shouted. 舠Someone舗s raining all kinds of weird stuff down on Earth. 舡 All four girls crowded at the window to gaze outside. A storm of objects that looked suspiciously like those in Athena舗s sketches had appeared out of nowhere. They whirled high in the air within a tornado for a few seconds. Then they began to fall, one by one. As gravity pulled them toward Earth, lights in villages and cities far below began to flicker on.

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