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The CFA application point II Curriculum is geared up into a number of research classes to aid applicants navigate the fabric. each one research consultation contains assigned readings (drawn from textbook chapters, expert magazine articles, CFA Program-commissioned content material, circumstances, and examine analyst reports); studying final result statements; and challenge units that display sensible software and strengthen figuring out of the suggestions awarded within the readings. For comfort, the assigned readings are assembled into a number of self-contained volumes. CFA has: * Sequenced the readings in conformity with the learn periods * Reprinted the pertinent studying end result statements earlier than each one interpreting * additional research assets, similar to a more robust define, a complete index, and a unified thesaurus * revealed the curriculum in two-color structure to counterpoint the appearance and readability of the shows, tables, and required as opposed to non-compulsory remedies

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Ductile crack crosses about 40% of fibre thickness before catastrophic failure. (2) Opposite end of same nylon 66 break. 67xlO~ 4 s , with ductile crack covering 50% of fibre. 33XlO" 1 s" 1 , with crack penetrating less than 20% of thickness. Tensile break of polyester film. (5) Polyester (PET) film, with crack growth from an initial cut. Grid shows strain distribution. (6) Polyester film extended at an angle to orientation direction, showing distortion of crack growth and yield. Plate 5C — Tensile breaks of nylon fibres.

3) Cross-section of PAN-based fibre at high magnification. (4) Cross-section of high modulus pitch-based carbon fibre. (5),(6) Tensile breaks of pitch-based fibres. R. Bunsell, Centre des Materiaux de l'Ecole des Mines de Paris. (l)Tensile break of FP alumina fibre at room temperature. (2) Creep failure of FP fibre at 13000C. (3),(4) Break of Almax alumina fibre. (5) Break of PRD 166, alumina with zirconia, fibre. (6) Break of single crystal Saphikon a-alumina fibre. 9 FIBRILLAR FAILURE Wet cotton Cotton breaks in tension in different ways, depending on the humidity and the chemical treatments applied to the fibre.

1(e). 5 GPa) in the strongest modern glass fibres, depends partly on the inherent structure but is also Fig. 1 — (a) Glass fibre, indicating surface flaws, (b) When tension reaches a given level, the deepest crack starts to propagate, (c) The crack growth continues catastrophically. (d) Eventually the high stress on the unbroken part starts multiple crack growth, (e) The final failure shows a mirror region A and a hackled region B. Fig. 2 — (a) Plane of maximum tensile stress AB, and maximum shear stress CD.

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